JN by JN LLOVET is a premium fashion label specializing in leather, inspired by world travels, the love for adventure and the beauty of life. The idea of JN by JN LLOVET was born on the road – in South America.

Jacqueline Llovet Garcia, designer of the brand, graduated with a Master of “Fashion, luxury and lifestyle” from renowned fashion college Mod`art International in Paris. Gathering work experience in retail and PR afterwards, she was ready to take on the world and decided to travel through South America and Australia. On a leather market in La Paz, a Bolivian tailor finally made her dream of a unique leather jacket design become reality: black, short cut, pink lining and pink yarn. Getting compliments wherever she stopped on her trip, she knew what she had to do. Back in Germany, the half-German, half-Spanish designer started JN by JN LLOVET. For the ready-to-wear collection she creates designs that perfectly reflect her passion for exploring new things. Every jacket is designed in her Hamburg based showroom.

German perfection paired with a distinct Spanish spirit makes every jacket utterly unique. The carefully chosen exquisite leather quality and dreamlike fabrics make each item personal and thought-out. Owning a JN by JN leather jacket is like keeping a treasure. The typical JN by JN lady is wild at heart, free in will and not afraid to make a statement.

Every JN by JN leather jacket is made of exquisitely soft, high quality Nappa leather. Different types of leather such as Classic, Vintage or Brushed mixed with divine fabrics create an individual and exceptional style. The focus on design details like quilting, contrasting coloured zippers or yarns gives every jacket a unique, feminine and cheerful look. Every jacket reflects the love for detail and passion for uniqueness behind the label. Each jacket is handmade in a dedicated small family run factory with a long background in leather goods. All styles are made in small runs and are not mass produced. JN by JN  makes sure that every jacket has a perfect fit and is finished to perfection.

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