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Exceptional leather and jean jackets for every

fashion loving girl that wants to set a statement

Statement Jackets

Personalize your leather or jean jacket 


Create your statement piece

To re-interpret the emblematic leather jacket and set a new statement on the idea of individuality and strength.

 In three simple steps you can personalize the iconic leather or jean jacket. Make it become a one-of-a-kind piece, in registering your emotions and personality. A rebellious, yet sexy garment that you don't want to part with.

Send us your favourite jackets style above, together with your design wishes via email. We will follow up with a design sketch. You can choose a catchy statement or appliqués that will make your jackets as unique as you are. Here you will find the selection of appliqués that can be places onto your jacket. 


The journey to your customized jacket



In three simple steps to your favorite new statements piece! Choose your basic jacket style above. Start then to personalize the jacket with a personal statement or different appliqués such as hearts, lips, stars etc. Send us your design ideas via email. We will follow up with a design sketch to verify your wishes. 





Leather jackets: All our custom leather jackets will be made in a small family run factory in Europe. Every leather jacket is made from high quality nappa leather and all appliqués are applied with love and care onto your jacket. 

Jean jackets: All jean jackets are vintage pieces hand-selected with love from stock around the world. All jackets have an oversize/boyfriend fit. All appliqués will be attached to your jean jacket in our Hamburg based atelier. 


After three to five weeks later your personalized jacket will be shipped to your door-step all wrapped up in our JN LLOVET dust bag. We also have a rush delivery available upon request.  

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Selection of appliqués

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