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Special collection designed by beautiful influencer Priscila Betancort (@myshowroomblog) for JN LLOVET. "The Touns" is a unique design created with love by this amazing lady, who has been a #JNbabe for years already. Beyond grateful for this collaboration. And the jackets are just breathtaking.

Personalize your matching jackets with your name and the name of your kid. All jackets are hand-made with love in Hamburg. Pre-order is open only for 1 week. Jump online and order your custom piece till 19.12.2018!! (Shop here)

Priscila and JN LLOVET have been working on this project for a couple of month till we came out with this amazing design. The label "The Touns" was inspired by the unique and iconic "Las Vegas" flashy light. The idea with the colourful rhinestones crossed Priscilas mind in the same moment when she thought about Las Vegas and its bling.

A custom-made matching jacket for you and your little one will make every one else wanting the same. The women´s edition is coming with red rhinestones, the version for the boys in blue and for the girls Priscila chose the pink rhinestones and matching yarn. All jackets are hand-made with love in Hamburg. We only use hand-picked vintage pieces collected from around the world.

We have been working with @myshowroomblog for a couple of years already and are so happy to have her on board for this project. A few years back she designed her first custom-made leather jacket with us: Custom jacket Priscila

Another honor was when we were ask to design her bespoke wedding jacket for her special day. She looked absolutely adorable: Wedding jacket Priscila

Custom jean jacket for you and your little one! An absolute must have for all fashion mums, that want to have a matching style with their babies.

Shop the Limited edition here: JN x Priscila Betancort

Get inspired:

More can be seen on our Instagram: @jnbyjnllovet or @myshowroomblog

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