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The perfect Christmas gift for a special someone – A unique leather jacket that they always dreamed

Make your beloved ones happy and get an ultimate and super special Christmas gift.

Its getting cold outside, snow flakes are falling, the Christmas markets open up and everyone gets into this very cosy, relaxed mood. Christmas is just around the corner. Its that time of year again, were you have the possibility to show your family and friends how special they are and how much they mean to you.

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for your beloved one? And do you want to make Christmas this year really special? JN LLOVET has the ultimate and super special Christmas gift for you.

Get one of our gift vouchers in different amounts and make your partner happy and love you even more then he already does. The vouchers can be used to create a personalized leather or jean jacket with the JN LLOVET online configurator. In a few simple steps you are able to choose your favourite leather jacket style, your appliqués and personal statements.

Another possibility to use the voucher is to book a private design appointment for your bespoke biker jacket. Its our special and exclusive service to you, making it possible to create the one-and-only leather jacket you always dreamed of. You can choose from a vast achieve of leather qualities and colours, as well as divine accessories like Swarovski crystals or 20k gold-plated buckles and snap buttons. An experience to remember and a product you will love forever.

No matter if your partner goes for the custom-made version of a jean or leather jacket or he chooses the exclusive version you can be sure to make them the most happy person on the planet.

Leather jackets are real iconic pieces, that can be re-invented according to your imagination with the help of JN LLOVET.

Get the ultimate Christmas gift voucher online:

Get inspired:

More can be seen on our Instagram: @jnbyjnllovet

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