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WEDDING Dress – The most important choice you have to make

Make your wedding day the most beautiful of your life by choosing a personalized wedding outfit that will make you feel absolutely amazing.

Wedding Season – It’s the time of year, were car parades are driving through the cities, extremely well dresses people are entering churches and two smiling people are celebrating their love for one another.

Flowers, happy people and two lovebirds – This day couldn’t be any more perfect. You are surrounded by the people you love together with the one person you decided to share the rest of your life with. Your soul mate, your one and only that knows all the little secrets that noone else knows.

After month of preparation, to create a wonderful wedding party for all of your guests and yourself the day finally arrived. No matter if you chose to go all bohemian style and celebrate at a beach or in a more classic way in a church, the most important is, that you find your personal and favourite wedding setting or wedding location.

One of the highlights of each wedding is the bride, specially the dress of the bride. No matter what kind of dress you chose for your wedding day, you can be sure that you are taking everyones breath away. You will be the centre of attention of everyone even though yours will possibly just be this one guy standing in the front waiting to be your Mr for the rest of his life.

The perfect wedding outfit detail is a personalized JN LLOVET wedding jacket.

Depending on the style you are going for, you can mix your wedding dress with a “JUST MARRIED” denim jacket or put a loving statement on the back of a leather jacket.

Pricila of myshowroomblog is showing us how to rock the perfect jacket for your wedding day. With MRS Toun on the back she shows to everyone, who she belongs to from that day on. Another bride Courtney from Prettylittlefawn created a JUST MARRIED denim jacket with her wedding date. You can also combine it with your new name instead of the date or put up a complete different statement like “I am with him” or “I belong to you”. Anything that you feel like connects best to you and your partner.

Hope onto our online configurator and get inspired:

More can be seen on our Instagram: @jnbyjnllovet

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